200-hr Intensive Phuket Yoga Teacher Training: July 17 – August 4

17 days of In-Depth Yoga Training for Yoga Lovers and Future Teachers
Yoga Therapeutics & Business Coaching are the key elements of this training! 


July 17 – August 4, 2020


Atmanjai Wellness Resort, Phuket, Thailand

Get certified as a Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher by Kaya Yoga and this 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and start a Life and Career you truly LOVE!!

After the great success that Kaya Yoga Teacher Training has experienced in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bali, Kaya Yoga is finally starting it’s intensive teacher training in Phuket! Our 200-hour Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training will take you on a deep inner journey to discover the application of traditional techniques and philosophies of Yoga to prescribe a life of wellness and fulfilment to your clients and at the same time transform your personal life.

OUR TRAINING OFFERS SOMETHING DIFFERENT THAN WHAT’S OUT THERE ON THE MARKET: We focus on the therapeutic application of Yoga as well a solid foundation for entrepreneurship in this industry. We work with case studies and hands on teaching techniques from Classical Yoga Lineages. No commercial practices, no fitness or power Yoga. True authentic Yoga as written in the Yogic Texts.
We aim to offer all our students a unique and outstanding experience with plenty of Business Coaching and Unique Teachings so you can actually differentiate yourself from other Yoga Teachers out there!!
Our training has a strong focus is on the therapeutic application of Yoga and creating a solid Yoga business after completing the training. 

Good education is so important, particularly in Yoga. That’s why we have decided to offer this intensive program and help you deepen your skills as a teacher and practitioner.

Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

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Key points of this training

  • Acquire Safe and solid understanding for your own Yoga Practice in the first week
  • After the foundational work, the program grows you across all key stages of becoming an industry leading Yoga practitioner. At the core, you are perfecting foundational techniques and learn how to apply Yoga as a Holistic Modality for self-development, well-being and transformation
  • We teach Yoga based on the Classical Yoga Scriptures without diluting the Tradition of this powerful practice. However, our training takes into account we are living in a modern day world and must find balance within
  • You are trained in translating those skills into a business that is marketed, efficiently run and in teaching, mentoring, consulting and other delivery skills
  • Finally, throughout the program, your homework, practice and teaching assignments will help find and solidify your coming career direction
  • We promise a life transforming experience! These powerful teachings will allow you to get in touch with your True Self, so you can make bold changes and start living Life for YOU while helping others to do the same

IskraMy first TTC with Kaya Yoga was the next stage on my own journey of healing severe scoliosis and alignment issues. I was expecting mostly physical alignment, but little did I know that this huge learning process would bring mental and spiritual alignment as well! Now I’m about to finish my 500-hours with Kaya Yoga school and become a teacher myself with the deep understanding of not only what scoliosis is, but most other back issues and the majority of health- and emotional issues. The Teacher Training not only gave me knowledge and practical tools, but encouraged me to do my own research, investigations and explorations; empowered me to improve myself and to inspire other people It gave me a strong discipline and deep understanding of responsibility when it comes to a working with people. By the end of my second TTC with Kaya Yoga I feel confident in working almost with any health issues with different ranges of severity. I feel that I possess wide a deep understanding of many inner and outer processes going on in our human existence, and can be of great use for those people who are stepping into this important journey. I can summarize right now the place where I am as: My scoliosis is almost healed, I don’t practice anymore, but dance my own Yoga, I’m feeling very inspired and ready to inspire others! – Iskra Volkhina, Georgia

Parul Yoga
The Kaya Yoga Course has been a life changing chapter of my life, the teaching methods used by Kaya yoga introduces the students to true essence of Yoga and also provides in depth knowledge of meditation, breathing techniques and posture alignments. Each module of Kaya Yoga Course unfolds like a new layer. After Kaya Yoga course I breathe well and I live well.
A Big Thanks to Kaya Yoga and her teachers !! – Parul Bansal, Dubai

Quotes from some of our other students:

“I can finally do those poses I never even dreamed of doing, due to the systematic approach of Kaya Yoga” – Wendy Shariff, Dubai, UAE
“Kaya’s Yoga Really Heals” – Iskra Volkhina, Tblisis, Georgia
“Kaya Yoga’s training gave me the confidence to be a specialized and successful Yoga Teacher” – Mia Moore, Dubai, UAE
“Kaya, if it wasn’t for you and your teachers sharing your amazing knowledge I wouldn’t be in this position now.  What you have taught me really is special, the feedback I am getting is brilliant and I am so grateful to you for this.  Also one last thing, you really do care and this shows with how you have been following the course.. you keep in touch with us, you still ask questions and continue to share. Thank You so much” – Leah Haley, London, UK


Our Teacher Training Course is held at the gorgeous Atmanjai (Friendship Beach Resort), Phuket. We will send you all accommodation details after signing up for the course. 


You can fill in an intake form to apply for this upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Course:

Our Teachers

Kaya Yoga TherapyKaya Peters

(Please note that Kaya no longer teaches full Teacher Trainings and is supported by several other highly qualified lead teachers)

E-RYT-500, Classical Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Business & Entrepreneurship

Kaya will take you on a journey of understanding Yoga and it’s therapeutic applications from the inside out. With over 10 years of experience in running an extremely successful Yoga business, Kaya specializes in using Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Meditation to improve life and health. In addition she teaches the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali, Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine and shares her personal experience of building a prime Yoga brand in the Middle East.

Stephanie Parent

E-RYT 200, RYT-500, Yoga Therapy, Hatha Yoga

Stephanie was initially drawn to yoga for its physical benefits – but it didn’t take long before she started noticing a positive effect on her mind and body as well. Having worked in the fashion industry for 10 years, Stephanie understood the struggle and stress inherent to the corporate grind – and having experienced the transformative benefits of yoga, she felt a profound desire to share them with others.

Her first stop was Rishikesh, India, where she completed a 500-hour teacher training program. During this training course, she discovered yoga therapy, and instantly knew that this was her calling.She then acquired the necessary certifications to officially become a Yoga Therapist.

Studying with Stephanie is fun and engaging. She is an approachable and passionate teacher, who loves sharing her knowledge gained from her studies and life experiences with her students.

Melanie Jolicoeur

E-RYT-200, Yoga Therapy, Hatha Yoga

After experiencing several challenging events in life, Melanie questioned herself and opened up to alternative medicine. Since then, she aspires to continuously learn about the whole human experience without judgement. Traveling through nearly 20 countries where she lived, explored and studied… Mélanie has adapted to a holistic nomadic lifestyle in the past 7 years. It is with humbleness, love and compassion that she wishes to share her discoveries and her practices so she can serve humanity and be a guide for all humans that wish to expand their consciousness. 

RachelRachel Ellery

Ostheopath, Sports Therapy, Pilates Rehabilitation

Rachel began her career in London in 1992, working as a sports therapist and gym instructor. With great excitement she completed a four-year BSc Hons degree at the British School of Osteopathy in the year 2000, and began her osteopathic career in New Zealand the following year. Since that time, Rachel has integrated further osteopathic, bodywork and movement education into her practice, treating a variety of patients within the community with various complaints, ranging from chronic problems, digestive concerns. newborns, children, pregnant mothers, sports-specific patients, and the elderly. Rachel qualified as a Pilates rehabilitation instructor in 2005, and combines a range of neuromuscular re-education exercises alongside a wide variety of special dynamic osteopathic techniques, soft tissue work, harmonics, muscle energy techniques, articulation, manipulation, Chinese cupping, tuning forks, dry needling, bio dynamics, and cranial-sacral therapies to suit individual patients needs.

How it works from start to finish

Delving deeply into leading therapeutic Yoga techniques, theory, and best practices through 200+ hours of Yoga Alliance Accredited training.

Comprehensive devotion to understanding the underpinnings of various physical and emotional issues and their natural solutions

Thorough preparation in the Business, Marketing, Teaching, Consulting, Delivery and Operations aspects of your Yoga entrepreneurship

1-on-1, practical and effective mentor sessions with the teacher to work out your unique Yoga entrepreneur path

Assistance/Advice in career startup upon graduation

Who is this course for:

For our 200-hour course we accept beginner and intermediate level students. It is highly recommended to take Kaya’s online course before starting, to familiarize yourself with the practice foundations. The course is charged separately at 49 USD and will give you a lifetime value. You can find the online foundations course here:

Yoga Foundations Course – Online Yoga Classes

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Week 1: Perfecting of Foundational Practice Techniques
Inner & Outer Vayu’s
Kriya: Uddiyana Bandha
Pranayama: Kapalabhati, Nadhi Shodana, 3-part Breath
All Asana categories: Standing, Seated Forward Bends & Twists, Arm Balances, Baby & Advanced Backbends, Surya Namaskar A & B, Afternoon Practices, Sirsasana and Sarvangasana
Basic Anatomy Workshops
Yama’s & Niyama’s
Yoga Philosophy (we choose different philosophy topics on each training)
Day Off
Week 2: Yoga Therapeutics, Teaching Skills & Business Planning
Each day reflects a different topic. We build up a practice around this topic, a lecture, and then in each day the students learn to compose a sequence for the specific issue/develop a plan for the topic. 
1. Teaching for Stress, Anxiety & Depression
2. Do’s and Dont’s for Back Issues
3. Breathing Pathologies, Anatomy of Breathing
4. Restorative Yoga 
5. Finding Your Teaching Style 
6. Business Plan and Unique Selling Point as a Yoga Teacher
7. Final day for questions and exam prep

Half day off for study purposes

August 2 & 3 Exam Days

August 4 Celebration Day and Goodbye


Yoga Alliance Standards:

Yoga Alliance

All teacher training programs with Kaya Yoga comply with Yoga Alliance Standards and have a fixed curriculum divided over the following subjects:

1. Techniques, Training and Practice
2. Teaching Methodology
3. Anatomy and Physiology
4. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics for Yoga Teachers
5. Practicums

In addition we cover the history of Yoga, Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, In Depth anatomy of breathing and the spine, Yoga Psychology and studies on Chakra’s and Energy Bodies.

The Term “Therapy” is used to indicate that our organization uses the ancient practices of Yoga for Therapeutic Healing purposes, in order to improve posture, align the spine, create more body awareness, breath awareness, concentration and increase Self knowledge. By no means does this mean that we are able to diagnose, treat or cure any advanced state diseases or emotional disorders. Yoga and meditation have been proven to improve life quality when practiced regularly, and we purely transmit the ancient teachings of Yoga practice as passed on to us by the Yoga Masters of their time.

Disclaimer for Kaya Yoga Teacher Trainings

The yoga therapy components of our course(s) are based on * Using the traditional Yoga practices as transmitted by the masters for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing * Traditional Chinese Medicine studies * Postural Alignment * Anatomy of Breath and study of breathing pathologies * Anatomy of the Spine and study of spinal pathologies * In depth anatomy studies * 1-to-1 training and learning the key aspects of being a private instructor * Thai Massage and bodywork * Yoga Psychology * The Study of Chakra’s and Energy Bodies, not derived from our status as an RYS® with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Tuition & Accommodation Payment

Tuition & Accommodation Total for 300 HOURS = Starting from 3500 USD
– 25% deposit due within 5 days of registration

Remaining balance to be paid within 45 days of course start date. We offer payment plans upon request. Please be reminded that multiple transfers include multiple transfer fees)

Tuition Fee Includes:


IN CASE YOU WANT TO JOIN FOR ONLY A WEEK OR TWO AND NOT GET CERTIFIED: Cost for joining one week: 900 USD, Two weeks, 1600 USD, no accommodation or meals included

All course fees must be paid before starting the course.
Before you register, please make sure to read our terms, conditions and refund policy HERE
Course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable after registration. When paying the course fees, you legally commit to paying the remainder of the fees.

Package Options

Standard Room

Standard Rooms are providing fashionable contemporary design with supremely comfortable beds with the finest fabrics to ensure blissful sleep. 1 King bed, 16m2, Flat Screen T.V., Air-Conditioning, En-suite Toilet with Shower, Blackout Drapes

Single: 3,750 USD
Double: 3,500 USD

Deluxe Room

Our deluxe rooms are spacious and available with king-sized and twin-sized beds and feature a comfortable seating area. 1 King bed, 22m2, Flat Screen TV, Air-Conditioning, En-Suite Bathroom, Bali Style Shower

Single 3,900 USD
Double 3,750 USD
Triple: 3,300 USD (very limited availability)


Our Training is hosted at the gorgeous Atmanjai Resort in Phuket. We are right on the beach and have an gorgeous yoga Shala, a pool, comfortable rooms and a beautiful place to eat our meals. 

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You can fill in an intake form to apply for this upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Course: