300-hr ONLINE Yoga Therapeutics Training

Now is the time to develop new Yoga & Career Skills!

Join our new FULLY ONLINE 300-hour Therapeutically Oriented Yoga Teacher Training Course

New Group Starts February 20


Kaya Yoga’s Online Yoga Teacher Training has been approved by Yoga Alliance to offer our Online Yoga Teacher Trainings all throughout 2021. This means you can finish this training in your own convenient pace, OR join our designated group batches.


30+ days of in-depth online Yoga Training for aspiring Yoga Teachers & Healers

Therapeutic Yoga is the Key Element of this Training! 


January 9 – February 13, 2021
February 20 – March 27, 2021


 Join this course at ANY TIME with LIVESTREAM recordings and finish in your own pace

NB. This course can be supplemented with a one week in-depth Therapeutic Teacher Training Retreat in Dubai or Bali, March 6 – 11, 2021 at an additional cost.




 What will you learn?

  • A solid self-Yoga practice for Life

  • In-Depth Therapeutic Yoga for Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Breathing Issues and Back Problems

  • Learn to teach for various therapeutic conditions: (Diabetes, Obesity, Chronic Fatigue, Hormonal Issues, Joint and Knee Issues, Migraines, Insomnia, Menopause, Addictions to Smoking, Hypermobility and Yoga for Men)

  • Energy Anatomy, Chakra Practices, Doshas & Ayurveda

  • Therapeutic Teaching Skills

  • Advanced Yoga Philosophy & Anatomy

  • Meditation & Relaxation Techniques

  • Structuring Private & Group Classes

  • Building Confidence as a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

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After successfully completing the Kaya Yoga teacher training in Bali, I came back to Switzerland to re-organize my life, personally and professionally. The year before I was working in the Balearics as an independent Yoga teacher for boutique hotels and private clients. It was an amazing experience, but I never really had the chance to teach the way I wanted. Besides going deep into anatomy, yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation etc. The Kaya Yoga teacher training gives a lot of usable advice for how to structure your business and next steps, so you can actually make a living out of teaching. There was a lot of change in my life right after I came back, I remember Kaya telling us that these trainings have a way of cleaning your life. And yes, it did! It took some weeks to get used to the change but then doors started opening! Now I am a lead teacher in a studio close to where I live, I had my first yoga retreat 4 months after the Teacher Training, and it was fully booked and a great success. Besides that I got the opportunity to work independent for a company based in London in the IT section. I am the head of sales and can basically work from anywhere I want, I only need my laptop and phone and have to join some meetings. I love both jobs so much and finally created the life I always dreamed of but never even knew is out there. It is the best of both worlds! – Cynthia Mehera, Switzerland

IskraMy first TTC with Kaya Yoga was the next stage on my own journey of healing severe scoliosis and alignment issues. I was expecting mostly physical alignment, but little did I know that this huge learning process would bring mental and spiritual alignment as well! Now I’m about to finish my 500-hours with Kaya Yoga school and become a teacher myself with the deep understanding of not only what scoliosis is, but most other back issues and the majority of health- and emotional issues. The Teacher Training not only gave me knowledge and practical tools, but encouraged me to do my own research, investigations and explorations; empowered me to improve myself and to inspire other people It gave me a strong discipline and deep understanding of responsibility when it comes to a working with people. By the end of my second TTC with Kaya Yoga I feel confident in working almost with any health issues with different ranges of severity. I feel that I possess wide a deep understanding of many inner and outer processes going on in our human existence, and can be of great use for those people who are stepping into this important journey. I can summarize right now the place where I am as: My scoliosis is almost healed, I don’t practice anymore, but dance my own Yoga, I’m feeling very inspired and ready to inspire others! – Iskra Volkhina, Georgia

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Your Mentors & Successful Business Owners

Kaya Yoga TherapyKaya Peters, Owner of Kaya Yoga, KayaLoves.com and RAIN. The Label

(Please note that Kaya no longer teaches full teacher trainings and is supported by several other highly qualified lead teachers)

E-RYT-500, classical Yoga, Yoga therapy, Yoga business & Entrepreneurship

Kaya will take you on a journey of understanding Yoga and it’s therapeutic applications from the inside out. With over 10 years of experience in running a 6-figure Yoga business, Kaya specializes in using Yoga asana, pranayama and meditation to improve life and health. In addition she teaches the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali, restorative and therapeutic Yoga and shares her personal experience of building a prime Yoga brand in the Middle East.

Marylene Henry

Owner of ZAZYOGA

E-RYT-500, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Sequencing, Yoga Asana

Marylene is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher who specializes in anatomy and Yoga Philosophy. Splitting her life between a successful corporate career and teaching yoga, she perfectly understands how everyday demands can get in a way of a healthy body and healthy mind. Using her own experience as a guide, she approaches yoga in a holistic way to help clients find peace of mind and regain self-confidence. Passionate of yoga philosophy, she playfully combines elements of mindfulness, breath work and asanas to help her clients achieve their specific goals.

“There are as many paths of yoga as there is different people, and my goal is to find the right path for my clients to achieve higher level of physical, psychological, and spiritual strength.”

Marylene is a graduate from Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica and obtained her RYT-500 certification in Yoga Therapeutics with Kaya Yoga Therapy.

Who is this course for:

For our 300-hour course we accept intermediate level students. You will need access to your laptop/computer and zoom online meeting. We will also require you to order some manuals/books online.

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In preparation for your course you will receive the following when you register:

  • Kaya’s 20-hour Online Yoga Foundations Course to prepare yourself for the practice foundations
    (79 USD VALUE)

  • The full 105 page Kaya Yoga Manual (150 USD VALUE)

  • The full History of Yoga Online Lecture (49 USD VALUE)

  • A full 20-hour Foundational Anatomy Course delivered by Anatomy Guru and Yoga School Owner Marylene Henry (199 USD VALUE)


Course Content:

  • Online Yoga LIVE streams or recordings with Kaya or Marylene:

Inner & Outer Vayu’s
Uddiyana Bandha
Nadhi Shodana
3-part Breath
All Asana categories

  • 10 hours of Online Anatomy Labs

Foundation of Human Anatomy

  • 20 hours of Yoga Philosophy Video Course

Learn the full meaning of the most important Sutra’s of Patanjali in this course

Course Content:

  • Online Yoga Therapeutics Asana Labs (997 USD VALUE)

Teaching for Breathing Issues
Do’s and Don’ts for Back Issues
How to apply Various Pranayama Practices
Restorative Yoga Poses for Stress & Anxiety
Depression Practice
Finding Your Teaching Style

  • 10 Hours Classroom Yoga Philosophy (149 USD VALUE)

Review & Questions on the Sutra Studies
How to Use Yoga Philosophy to Coach Clients & Structure more Interesting Classes

  • Breath Module (399 USD VALUE)

    Learn The Anatomy of Breath, the Various Pranayama Practices and How to Teach/Apply them

  • Spine Module (399 USD VALUE)

    Learn The Anatomy of the Spine and How to Work with Back Issues

  • Depression, Anxiety & Stress Module (399 USD VALUE)

Learn How to Teach Yoga for Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Course Content:

  • 10 Hour Advanced Yogic Practices (Headstand & Shoulderstand Variations, Advanced Arm Balances) (499 USD value)

  • 10 hours of Advanced Yogic Philosophy (399 USD value)

  • 20 hours of recordings on Various Health Conditions (999 USD value)

  • 10 hours Chakra Practices & Lectures (299 USD value)

  • 5 hours advanced Therapeutic Instruction Videos (150 USD value)

  • 1 Dosha Lecture (99 USD value)

  • Elective Classroom Hours on Various Topics Based on Student Needs

  • Teaching Methodology & Creating Sequences Labs

  • Online Exam Preparation

LIVESTREAMS are held several times a week at appropriate hours for all time zones. See the schedule below.

If the LIVESTREAMS can’t be attended, we will provide a recording of the LIVE Sessions. You can start this course at any time with the recorded Live Streams and join whatever LIVESTREAM is available to you at that time. 

Training 1: January 9, 16, 23, 30, February 6, 13

Training 2: February 20, 27, March 6, 13, 20, 27

Asia 6 pm
Dubai 2 pm
Europe Noon
New York 5 am
Los Angeles 2 am


The cost of this training is far over 6,000 USD. However, we are offering all the modules online for only

2,222 USD

This can be supplemented with an in-person retreat in Dubai or Bali, March 6 – 11, 2021