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Learn Yogic tools to manage Stress, Anxiety and Depression

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This Program is for YOU if you:

  • Suffer from high stress levels
  • Suffer from anxiety, anxiety attacks, or worry excessively
  • Suffer from Depression and Low Mood
  • Feel like you are living below your potential and want to improve yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Feel like you’d like to accomplish more
  • Would like better concentration and focus
  • Would like to improve your physical fitness
  • Would like to improve your emotional well-being

Feel Healthy and Happy Every Day

Practice with Kaya in these 6 videos targeted to MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!



In this video you will learn a targeted Yoga sequence to clear yourself of stiff hips and groins. Excellent for those who sit long days in the office, runners and athletes, and those with general hip tightness.



In this video you will learn a short Yoga sequence to learn handle all kinds of anxiety, from mild to severe. Deep breathing and calming Yoga poses will support you in finding a more balanced state of mind and body



In this video you will learn a short Yoga Sequence to deal with low moods and depression. This short sequence is designed to energize you, remove dullness from the mind and make you feel happy and self confident


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Featured Articles
Centella De CastanedaCentella De Castaneda
I think, Kaya is a perfect yoga master for me. She is very gentle, respectful and treats her clients with great care. Her sessions are a very good mixture of demonstration and explanation. It results to be very useful. Kaya makes me understand my body, listen to it carefully and ...
Lorna Rutter GreenLorna Rutter Green
I treated myself to a 3-day yoga and meditation retreat when we were in Portugal. It was one of the best things I have ever done for my physical and mental health. I found Kaya very insightful and full of surprises. Her approach was professional and I immediately felt at ...
V VaanV Vaan
For me it is important not to just do Yoga but to actually understand why certain postures help you and in what manner and I think this the perfect course for that!
Elif Aydin CinarElif Aydin Cinar
Kaya is very experienced and advanced teacher who guides her students in the correct and safe way. It's encouraging and inspiring to be part of her class. Not only covering the therapeutic aspects of Yoga she is also teaching about the anatomy, history of Yoga and spiritual aspects of Yoga. ...
Rev. Dr. Dawn Cox MBE, Manchester, UKRev. Dr. Dawn Cox MBE, Manchester, UK
Kaya walks the talk! She oozes health and wellbeing, calm and inner strength, and she has a beautiful style and aura. She possesses the unique ability to weave a tapestry of well-being throughout her retreats; giving you a deep awareness of the importance of conscious living. Kaya is the catalyst ...
Iskra VolkhinaIskra Volkhina
I've been Kaya's client first, I would say patient, because I have severe health issue, and now I became her student. Speaking as a patient: Kaya's yoga therapy allowed me to get rid of my constant pain, she gave me tools, so now I know exactly what to do when ...
Jasmin Colangelo, London UKJasmin Colangelo, London UK
I feel like I have gained energy and strength, both physically and mentally, as well as a deeper understanding of myself, what I enjoy and what makes me happy.



Receive a 15-minute Yoga sequence practice manual which you can use at any time you’re in need of a short and complete Yoga Session

Yoga Practice Manual


This manual is an overview of some of the most important texts written on the Yogic Lifestyle and Philosophy. Learn about diet, practices and other important rules for Yogic Practitioners. A true gem for anyone interested to learn more about Yoga!

Living the Yoga Lifestyle. Handbook for Modern Day Yogis

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