Online Yoga Courses – Yoga at Home

At Kaya Yoga we offer a variety of online Yoga Courses to help you on your way to better health, increased peace of mind and more knowledge about how to practice Yoga for therapeutic benefits. Our Yoga Courses are simple and practical, and will teach you how to Meditate, Breathe and do Asanas the correct manner, with simple and clear explanations. Join or community of members and gain life-time access to these transformative programs!

Yoga for Men

Yoga for Men – Online Course

This Program is for YOU if you:

  • Are a man who would like to improve his life in both physically and emotionally
  • Struggle with tights muscles and joints due to heavy weight lifting
  • Wish to become more flexible and agile
  • Want to improve the range of motion on your joints
  • Want to feel release from stress and a quieter, more focused mind
  • Want to improve your confidence, both in- and outside of the bedroom
  • Want to get rid of uncomfortable problems like premature ejaculation
  • And much more…

All Life is Yoga

All Life is Yoga – Online Course for Men and Women

This Program is for YOU if you:

  • Suffer from high stress levels
  • Suffer from anxiety, anxiety attacks, or worry excessively
  • Suffer from Depression and Low Mood
  • Feel like you are living below your potential and want to improve yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Feel like you’d like to accomplish more
  • Would like better concentration and focus
  • Would like to improve your physical fitness
  • Would like to improve your emotional well-being