Yoga Foundations Course – Online Yoga Classes

YACEPThis program can be used as 10 hours of Continuing Education with the Yoga Alliance

This course is for:

  • New students of Yoga who want to understand the Foundations of Yoga Practice
  • Students who have already done a Yoga Teacher Training or practice Yoga regularly and want to revisit the Practice Techniques
  • Yoga Enthusiasts who would like to learn Basic Yoga Techniques in order to improve their own Self practice

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What will you learn in this course

  • ALL foundational Yoga Practices: Meditation, Pranayama, Asana and Relaxation
  • How to meditate easily and effortlessly
  • How to assess your / someone else’s breathing patterns
  • How to activate different breathing compartments and expand your breathing capacity
  • A complete breakdown of all series of Yoga Asana: Hip Openers, Surya Namaskar, Standing Poses, Seated Forward Bends & Twists, Arm Balances, Backbends, Inversions, Leg Stretches and Therapeutic Relaxation
  • How to do a full Yoga Practice by yourself at home, safely and with correct understanding of the poses and breath
  • How to safely practice inversions like Headstand and Shoulder-stand
  • How to relax your body properly after Asana practice

What people say about Kaya’s Courses

When the student is ready the teacher appears! This is so true in my case as I began my program with Kaya Yoga. Kaya’s approach of combining the physical and the mental aspects has truly enabled me to understand Yoga in a new light. My misconceptions are erased and there is a clarity in thought and action, which I had never experienced before. Kaya’s strong connection to the Lineage & values of Yoga and the perfect way of bringing it out to a student is admirable. The therapeutic guidance that Kaya provides, is what makes this training all the more significant. I feel blessed to have Kaya as my teacher and I will continue my journey as per the guidance and principles that I have learnt from Kaya. Namaste.

Ulpala Madhu, Kaya Yoga Student in Dubai.

Kaya is very experienced and advanced teacher who guides her students in the correct and safe way. It’s encouraging and inspiring to be part of her class. Not only covering the therapeutic aspects of Yoga she is also teaching about the anatomy, history of Yoga and spiritual aspects of Yoga. I am so happy to have joined this course!

Elif Aydin, Turkey

After a stressful/hectic day, coming to Kaya’s yoga is calming and restorative. Since I’ve been practicing I am much stronger have much greater range of motion. In upsetting situations I can call on my yoga practice.

Arvind Belamkar, India

What will you get?

  • The complete Yoga Teacher Manual, from the Kaya Yoga Therapy school (usually only provided to course participants, but now available for YOU when you join this course)
  • Detailed Teachings on the Anatomy of the Spine
  • Detailed Teachings on the Mechanics of Breathing
  • 18+ Videos with Full instructions on basic Yoga practice Techniques
  • Clear instructions on Foundational Practices like Spinal Alignment, Breath Integration in Asana and Therapeutic Applications of Yoga Asana
  • Teachings on how to apply Yoga for Depression, Anxiety and Stress
  • Instructions on how to SAFELY practice any kind of Yoga style, with these Foundational Teachings

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Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back

$79.00 $49.00 Add to cart