200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Abu Dhabi

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You are in for a transformation of
Body, Mind & Soul

Practice injury free for life & launch your own Yoga career

We guarantee your confidence in practicing and teaching Yoga
upon course completion

Why Is Kaya Yoga Different Than Other Trainings On The Market?

Have you always dreamed of starting your own Yoga career doing something you absolutely love?

Our 200 & 300 Hour Yoga therapeutics teacher training will take you on a journey to discover yourself through Yoga and prescribe a life of wellness and fulfillment to your clients, while enabling you to start a new passion driven career path.


After completing this Yoga Teacher Training Program you will be able to:

  • Develop your own stable home Yoga practice for life
  • Become a skilled healer of mind & body, and help others heal too
  • Feel 100% empowered to teach Yoga professionally
  • Finally launch that career of your dreams
  • Comfortably teach group & private Yoga sessions with in-depth knowledge and therapeutic value
  • Correctly practice Yoga at home purely for your own benefit, injury free for the rest of your life
  • Understand how to apply Yoga therapeutically for specific conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, breathing problems, and back issues, for yourself and others
  • Inspire your community with your knowledge of Yoga as a holistic healing modality
  • Live life like your true empowered Self, learn how to manifest the reality you want to experience

Yoga Teacher Training Location

This Yoga Teacher Training is hosted at the Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri , Abu Dhabi. A gorgeous retreat-like location with a private pool to be used on breaks. Various affordable food options are available for the students on their lunch breaks around the wellness center. Private parking is included.

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Your Mentors

Kaya Peters

E-RYT-500, Holistic Expert, Yoga Entrepreneur, Intuitive, Founder & Owner of Kaya Yoga

Kaya is an award winning business owner with over 10 years of experience in delivering Yoga trainings in the Middle East. She graduated from a 900-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 and has been teaching Yoga ever since. With over 5000 hours of teaching experience, Kaya is an expert on bodies and emotions, and has a gift to see deep into your soul. 

Kaya is a highly intuitive teacher and mentor, with the ability to guide you back to your true self and find answers within. She is passionate about helping others lead a life in line with their highest potential. 

Kaya has launched Yoga schools in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Indonesia. She is also a business coach with major experience in launching wellness brands. In our courses she delivers workshops on Yoga entrepreneurship and how to turn your passion for Yoga into a successful brand in line with your values. 

Victoria Redshaw

RYT-500, Yoga Asana, Sequencing, Leadership Coach, Performance Coach

Victoria is a well-being and people change curator with 25 years of experience in facilitating adult learning and development across a wide variety of different environments and cultures, both group and 1:1 sessions, coaching and designing for CEOs to key workers on the front line, to community-based groups and students. She is an innovative practitioner creating self-led learning journeys to generate insight and guide individuals to shift behavior toward clearly identified goals. She holds an MBA in International Human Resource Management funded by Women into Business. After 24 years of practicing Ashtanga Yoga, initially being taught by John Scott, she moved into Yoga Teaching to evolve her self-practice and connect her passion for development from the psychological to the holistic joining of mind and body.

Victoria is a compassionate practitioner with a great love for bringing out the best in her students.

Adele Zamrzlova

E-RYT-200, RYT-Yoga wheel, Ashtanga Yoga

Adele started with yoga 10 years ago and ran a successful family Yoga business that counts more than 100 clients monthly in the Czech Republic. For Adele, Yoga is not only a physical practice but also a way of life. She found her passion in studying and practicing Ashtanga Yoga. She loves the feeling of calmness and a positive mind every time she steps on the mat.

In her words: Every breath and each movement becomes a sacred ritual that connects her with the present moment and unlocks a deeper understanding of herself. This feeling she aims to bring to her students as well. She is a continuous learner, committed to deepening her practice, expanding her professional knowledge, and sharing the Yoga lifestyle with as many people as possible. Adele specializes in teaching asanas including all the needed tools for practice and teaching.

Lillian Castillo – Müller 

Anatomy Teacher, Movement Educator, Kinesthetics Lover, NCPT REPS Comprehensive Pilates Teacher

Seeking to inspire and empower through the art of movement, Lillian Muller is an Abu Dhabi-based movement educator with a unique blend of Mexican and German heritage. With a deep understanding of biomechanics and anatomy, she follows the brilliant Franklin Method to explore the flow within.

With over 25 years in the field, Lilian is not just a teacher but also a perpetual student of human anatomy and biomechanics. She believes in teaching concepts rather than simply exercises, ensuring a holistic understanding of functional movement. Passionate about creating inclusive spaces that foster a culture of movement, Lillian is committed to making her teachings accessible to all. Her love for kinesthethics drives her to inspire others through a hands-on approach, understanding that true understanding comes by doing.

Yoga Teacher Training Dubai
Rasha Aladine
RYT-500, Yoga Asana, Sequencing, Yoga for Women, therapeutic Yoga
Rasha is Yoga Alliance RYT-500 yoga teacher who completed her teacher training with Kaya Yoga. Rasha has been passionate about Yoga since her mid twenties at a time when she was most in need of grounding, establishing a strong Mind and body connection, increasing self love, building up more confidence, and empowering her to peacefully encounter all the ups and downs of life. She decided to deepen her knowledge and practices of Yoga, this is when she joined the Kaya Yoga school and pursued her way to finish 500 hours YTT. Rasha has a special interest in Yoga for women as a tool for empowerment, increasing self confidence, and working with different emotional blockages that many women suffer from. 
Rasha also holds a Doctorate of Business Administration, with a speciality in women empowerment. In addition to that she is a CIPD certified life coach. 

Required Reading

Before the start of this Yoga teacher training in Abu Dhabi you will have to order the following books. We will send you this booklist upon registration as well.


Four Chapters on Freedom – Bihar School of Yoga

-> Purchase this book on Desertcart.ae

Yoga Therapy – A Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Yoga for Health & Fitness – A.G. Mohan & Indra Mohan

->Purchase this book on Desertcart.ae


Vayu’s Gate – Yoga and the Ten Vital Winds – Orit Sen Gupta

->Purchase this book on Desertcart.ae

Light on Yoga – B.K.S. Iyengar

->Purchase this book on Desertcart.ae

Vijnana Yoga Practice Manual – Orit Sen Gupta

->Purchase this book on Desertcart.ae


Yoga Anatomy – Leslie Kaminoff

->Purchase this book on Desertcart.ae

yoga alliance

All teacher training programs with Kaya Yoga comply with Yoga Alliance Standards and have a fixed curriculum divided over the following subjects:

1. Techniques, Training, and Practice
2. Teaching Methodology
3. Anatomy and Physiology
4. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics for Yoga Teachers
5. Practicums

In addition, we cover the history of Yoga, the Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the In-Depth anatomy of breathing and the spine, Yoga Psychology, and studies on Chakras and Energy Bodies.

The Term “Therapy” is used to indicate that our organization uses the ancient practices of Yoga for Therapeutic Healing purposes, in order to improve posture, align the spine, create more body awareness, breath awareness, concentration, and increase Self-knowledge. By no means does this mean that we are able to diagnose, treat or cure any advanced state diseases or emotional disorders. Yoga and meditation have been proven to improve life quality when practiced regularly, and we purely transmit the ancient teachings of Yoga practice as passed on to us by the Yoga Masters of their time.

Disclaimer for Kaya Yoga Teacher Trainings in Abu Dhabi
The yoga therapy components of our course(s) are based on * Using the traditional Yoga practices as transmitted by the masters for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being * Traditional Chinese Medicine studies * Postural Alignment * Anatomy of Breath and study of breathing pathologies * Anatomy of the Spine and study of spinal pathologies * In-depth anatomy studies * 1-to-1 training and learning the key aspects of being a private instructor * Thai Massage and bodywork * Yoga Psychology * The Study of Chakra’s and Energy Bodies, not derived from our status as an RYS® with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Dates & Topics 2024

Timings: Fridays 4 – 8 pm, Saturdays 9 am – 6 pm, Sundays 9 am – 2 pm

Module 1 – September 27, 28, 29 – Introduction and first practice weekend, Basic Practices, Yoga Philosophy Introduction, Yogic Attitude Training, Anatomy I

Module 2 – October 5, 6 – Foundations of self-practice II, Teaching Classes, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy II

Module 3 – October 19, 20 – Solidifying the Practice, Teaching Skills, Sequencing, Group & Private Classes, Confidence, Class-Delivery

Module 4 – October 26, 27 – Refreshment Weekend, Rehearsing Sequences, Teaching Private & Group Classes with a theme

Module 5 – November 8, 9, 10 – Anatomy of Breathing, Respiratory Problems, How to work with Breathing Problems

Module 6 – November 23, 24 – Anatomy of the spine, Working with back problems, In-depth spinal alignment & anatomy

Module 7 – December 7, 8 – Yoga for depression, anxiety, and stress, therapeutic poses and their benefits, Yoga & The Nervous System

Exam Delivery & Graduation – December 21

Additional 100-hour Self Study content to complete 300-hour studies:

* Chakra’s & Energy Bodies
* Ayurveda & The Doshas
* Advanced Yoga Philosophy
* Advanced Yoga Asana (arm balances, backbends, inverted variations)
* Teaching for advanced conditions: Diabetes, Adrenal Stress, Hormonal Issues, Chronic Fatigue,
Insomnia, Migraines, Joint & Knee Issues, Obesity, Addiction
* Structure Therapeutic Classes
* Deliver a Therapeutic Case Study

– Important: In case you can’t attend some of the days, we have several options to catch up on the hours (on our Online Portal or in our Dubai training as per your convenience)

Tuition payment:

200-Hour Training:
Total Tuition if paid before August 1, 2024 = 11,900 AED (excluding VAT 5%)
Paid after August 1, 2024  = 13,900 AED (excluding VAT 5%)
300-Hour Training:
Total Tuition if paid before August 1, 2024 = 13,900 AED (excluding VAT 5%)
Paid after August 1, 2024 = 15,900 AED (excluding VAT 5%)
* We waive VAT when all course fees are paid at once to our UAE account in AED. We often have special discounts going, please ask about these when inquiring.

Payment Plans:

3 monthly payments can be set up for you in USD. No discounts are applicable on payment plans.

All fees are non-refundable in case of dropping out before or during the course. When registering and making payments, you agree to our terms & conditions as stated HERE

Please email [email protected] for payment instructions and details

Practical details and additional costs:

Rare Fridays: 4 – 8 pm
Saturdays: 9 am – 6 pm
Sundays 9 am – 2 pm (occasionally we might have a full day Sunday, but we will clearly put this in the schedule)
Evaluation and diploma: 600 AED (to be paid separately upon taking the examination)
You will need to order several books from Amazon, the total cost will be around 70 USD or less.
A non-refundable deposit of 3,000 AED is due immediately upon registration to secure your spot. We offer monthly installment plans upon request, depending on the course duration.
After completing this teacher training, you will be eligible to register with the International Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200.
Please email [email protected] for more information, registration, and payment.
Important information: Our weekend Modules can be taken individually even if you are not a part of the training. They count as 20 hours of EC for Yoga Teachers per module
Cost for individual workshops: 800 AED per day + VAT
Make-Up Hours: If you can’t attend any of the course dates, we offer the possibility to cover these dates on our online portal or on our training in Dubai. We do not charge for this if we are informed in advance, so we can schedule you properly. Please understand that we cannot facilitate very last minute make up hours and scheduling changes without additional cost. 

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