Yoga for Men – Online Yoga Course

This program can be used as 5 hours of Continuing Education with the International Yoga Alliance

This program is for YOU if you:

  • Are a man who would like to improve his life in both physically and emotionally

  • Struggle with tights muscles and joints due to heavy weight lifting

  • Wish to become more flexible and agile

  • Want to improve the range of motion on your joints

  • Want to feel release from stress and a quieter, more focused mind

  • Want to improve your confidence, both in- and outside of the bedroom

  • Want to get rid of uncomfortable problems like premature ejaculation

  • And much more…


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Featured Articles
Hameed Bukhamsin, Saudi ArabiaHameed Bukhamsin, Saudi Arabia
My choice to take YOGA with Kaya was the right one. I have been involved in sport for a long time, but I found yoga to be very refreshing and nerve calming.
Arvind Belamkar, Dubai, UAArvind Belamkar, Dubai, UA
"I joined Kaya's yoga a year ago - looking for a gentler way to maintain my health and flexibility rather than gym, and also seeking a way to reduce stress and anxiety. I love the combination of physical and mental awareness that yoga brings, in a non competitive environment. There ...





What will you learn in this course?


  • Learn deep breathing for relaxation, stamina and stress release
  • Release shoulder tightness
  • Open the hips, release tightness in the hips
  • Lengthen and stretch the hamstrings
  • Release quadriceps and lower back
  • Control premature ejaculation and improve sexual performance
  • Gain more energy, build stamina and self confidence

What you will learn in this Yoga course

Feel Healthy and Happy Every Day

Practice with Kaya Yoga in these 9 videos targeted to MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!

Yoga for Tight Hips

Yoga for Tight Hips

In this video you will learn a targeted Yoga sequence to clear yourself of stiff hips and groins. Excellent for those who sit long days in the office, runners and athletes, and those with general hip tightness.

Yoga for Tight Hamstrings

Yoga for Tight Hamstrings

In this video you will be releasing tight hamstrings. It is very good for those who have difficulty touching their toes, and feel tightness in the back of the legs in general. Tight hamstrings can cause back problems, so it's very important to stretch and release them on a regular basis.

Yoga to Release Quads and Lower Back

Yoga to Release Quads and Lower Back

In this video we will be going through a sequence to help you release your quadriceps muscles as well as lower back. If you train a lot, or feel tight due to an office job, and if you suffer from pain or irritation in the lower back, this video will give you solutions for these particular issues.


What people say about Kaya’s Courses

When the student is ready the teacher appears! This is so true in my case as I began my program with Kaya Yoga. Kaya’s approach of combining the physical and the mental aspects has truly enabled me to understand Yoga in a new light. My misconceptions are erased and there is a clarity in thought and action, which I had never experienced before. Kaya’s strong connection to the Lineage & values of Yoga and the perfect way of bringing it out to a student is admirable. The therapeutic guidance that Kaya provides, is what makes this training all the more significant. I feel blessed to have Kaya as my teacher and I will continue my journey as per the guidance and principles that I have learnt from Kaya. Namaste.

Ulpala Madhu, Kaya Yoga Student in Dubai.

Kaya is very experienced and advanced teacher who guides her students in the correct and safe way. It’s encouraging and inspiring to be part of her class. Not only covering the therapeutic aspects of Yoga she is also teaching about the anatomy, history of Yoga and spiritual aspects of Yoga. I am so happy to have joined this course!

Elif Aydin, Turkey

After a stressful/hectic day, coming to Kaya’s yoga is calming and restorative. Since I’ve been practicing I am much stronger have much greater range of motion. In upsetting situations I can call on my yoga practice.

Arvind Belamkar, India

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Try our course for 30 days for full satisfaction, or get your money back