Teacher Training in Dubai



9 months of In-Depth Training with the TOP Yoga Experts in the Middle East!



Get certified as a Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher by Kaya Yoga and this therapeutically oriented Yoga Teacher Training, and create a life of fulfillment, success and joy in sharing Yoga with the world!
The Teacher Training will take you deep into the study and application of meditation, breathing and Yoga techniques (as well as philosophies) to aid in physical well being and emotional balance and prescribe a life of wellness and fulfillment to your clients.
Beyond the practices, this program is also a complete journey that prepares you in ALL aspects of a thriving Yoga career including how to setup and run the business, marketing and brand building and succeeding under different modes of teaching, consulting and mentoring. Students donโ€™t graduate only as elite Yoga teachers, but as fully fledged Yoga entrepreneurs with above market offerings.


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