coronavirus mindfulness guide


YES! We are facing uncertainties on all levels! There is fear, but there is also support, love and togetherness. And just like that, there is a whole new level of distress and panic in the society. And at the same time is creating a lot of interesting and healing experiences for people.

The question that you are probably asking is, “What does one do in times like these?” Maybe you don’t know whether you should stay put, go back home if you are an expat, whether you should change things in your business, cancel things, close down, what is ethical and acceptable, etc.

Keeping this in mind I have put together some tips to help you mindfully tackle Coronavirus chaos. These simple practices will help you approach this period of uncertainty from a place of objectivity and keep you from giving in to fear and panic.

Firstly, I believe IT IS YOUR OBLIGATION to keep busy, to keep working, and to keep contributing to the economy and society. Now is the time to get busy with planning, starting a new business, doing preparation work for your current business, and making new plans for your life and financial abundance. Giving in to fear and anxiety around money will not help anyone! There are always great opportunities to be found in every downfall, so make use of this time wisely!


This is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself and others at this time. There is no need to give in to the panic that’s currently consuming a lot of people, as it won’t improve the situation. Instead, simply trust and believe that the Universe has your back. When you’re calm, you have more control over the situation and can make better decisions. 

Being mindful can go a long way in times like this. Simply sit in a seated position in a place you feel comfortable at your home, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and go inward. Try and observe whatever is going on within, but don’t react to it. Stay still. Do this for 5-15mins every day, morning and evening. Offer thank you to the Universe/God before ending the practice. 

Click HERE to practice a guided beginner’s meditation.

I cannot stress enough about the importance of staying active. An active body means better immunity and a healthier mind. This is the best time to practice on your “practice” – if you’re into Yoga. (PS. You can join my online 20 hour-Yoga foundations course if you want to work on your practice, which can be practiced from the comforts of your home and will give you lifetime value).

If Yoga is not your thing and a hardcore gym session is what you like, you can join in on live online workout sessions or follow along with Youtube workout videos, one of my favorite online coaches is Zuzka Light.

If you have not started on your fitness journey yet, this is a good time to start one. Start with a basic home workout routine. Start small, 15-20mins every day, and work your way up.

You may be working from home and the temptation to stay in your pajamas in bed all day is very very high. Tempting as this may be, do not give in to this and let it become your new norm. Instead, stick to your routine, wake up at the same time as you’re used to, take a shower, change into a fresh pair of out clothes, make a list and work through it. Eat your meals on time. Go for a walk, if this is allowed in your country. Listen to stuff that is uplifting and motivating. Invest this extra time in learning something you have always wanted to learn. In short, do not let your mind be idle.

Now is not the time to be dramatic. But be realistic, practice safety hygiene, and be a cooperating citizen. Try and stay in a place of calm, love, togetherness, and empathy. This way you will keep your vibration high and thus invoke positive vibes in people around you. Eventually, this will help in lifting the vibration of the Universe.


There is no better time than now to start preparing for what is to come in a couple of months. Preparation is everything. Maybe you have always dreamed of becoming a Yoga teacher, an online coach, starting a lifestyle business as such. NOW is the time. More and more businesses will start doing things online, and with people’s vibration shifting, there will be a bigger need for education in the spiritual/self-development field. It is my firm belief that businesses which contribute to humanity, have a bigger chance of thriving in the coming years.

I hope this article has brought you some clarity and inner peace. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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