CORONA – No better time to get busy!

  YES! We are facing uncertainties on all levels! There is fear, but there is also support, love and togetherness. And just like that, there is a whole new level of distress and panic in the society. And at the same time is creating a lot of interesting and healing experiences for people. The question that you […]

Kaya Yoga Instagram Competition – Win 2500 USD in Tuition Fees!!!

Kaya Yoga is sooooo excited to share this Instagram competition for our upcoming 300-hour #Yoga Teacher Training in #Bali, September 1 – 25. You can win over 50% OFF on the tuition fee!! Kaya Yoga always likes to give opportunities to those less fortunate or in financial difficulty, so here is YOUR change to join our […]

Treating Auto-Immune Disease with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Autoimmune diseases affect 50 million Americans (more than cancer and heart disease combined), and the number is rising. While these illnesses affect people in myriad ways, they all can devastate a person’s quality of life. But what can you do when your body starts attacking itself? Immuno suppressant treatments often cause long-term side effects, and […]

What is Yoga? The Modern Misconceptions

“Yoga’s goal is Yoga” The word “Yoga” is derived from a Sanskrit word “Yuj” meaning to join together or unite. This union or togetherness is between one’s True Self or Higher Self and The Universal Consciousness or All that Is. Many of the practices of Yoga (meditation, breathing practices and physical postures) emphasize on another […]

What about all these different Yoga Styles?

Isn’t it confusing? All these different Yoga styles, one more complicated than the next? I’d really love to help people find out that Yoga is Yoga, and the essence of the practices are the same, regardless of how many modern modifications we might have these days. In order for Yoga to be authentic, it must […]

The Benefits of Meditation

It is to find a healthy, beneficial practice which focuses on transcendence, meditation enables people to reduce stress and improve general health. With a focus on shutting out the external world, meditation can have a spiritual or secular basis, but stress reduction is a key factor when thinking about the benefits of meditation. Meditation helps […]